Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. I thought that it would be fun to start an open forum of survival topics and outdoor skills that others can refer to for information and instruction. I will post a survival topic or skill and give some information on it. I will also be posting excerpts from my survival manual that I have been writing. Feel free to comment on it, or ask about a topic that I have not yet covered. Even professionals can learn a new way to do something. In this way we can all help each other. If you have a specific experience that you would like to share please feel free to do so at your own risk of others' comments. If you disagree with someone please be civil and respectful. One last thing, please keep it "G" rated i.e., no foul language or inappropriate subjects. If you break the rules I will pull your post. So let's keep it clean and have some fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Join Our New Club!!

This is now the official site for Wild Jake's Survival Club! Join for free by becoming a follower on this blog. We meet on the fourth Friday of each month from 1800 to 2100. Locations will vary based on the Survival Skill we will be working on. So stay tuned in for more details. You can also follow us though www.Facebook.com and www.Meetup.com
Our first meeting is the 29th of June in Provo Canyon South Fork. Bring your own water, foil dinner, pocket knife, flash light or head lamp, and a friend or date. The site will be marked with Wild Jake's Logo. The grid coordinates are Lat:40.329090, Lon:-111.528710. Tell a friend.


  1. Due to the fire restrictions we will still meet in South Fork and the Big Springs trail head, but we will have to have our fire in a per-established fire ring. So we will meet in the upper parking lot and find a pavilion that is not being used. One that has a fire pit. So disregard the coordinates. Sorry. One of these times we will do Land Navigation.

  2. OK so this is one of my favorite recipes for a foil dinner.

    2 large potatoes cubed into small cubes. (Place in the middle of the foil)
    1 stick of real butter cut into quarters. (Place in dinner so that it will melt all over the potatoes and the inside of the foil)
    garlic salt about two teaspoons (Spread over the potatoes)
    Dill about two Tablespoons (Spread over the potatoes)

    Place it in the middle of some heavy foil with the shiny side facing up. Bring the long sides of the foil together and roll them down to the potatoes then fold the small sides like a present and roll them into the potatoes. Take another piece of foil and place the first one in the middle with the shiny side up and this time place the meal 90 degrees clock wise on the new foil. Roll the long sides together and fold and roll the short sides. If you did it right the dinner will be wrapped in foil so that the first layer is locked in by the second layer. This way the butter will not leak out. this will feed one to two people.